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Uma Chaudhary

President and CEO

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An entrepreneur and a born leader, Uma Chaudhary's work ethic and dedication are unrivaled. Raised in Columbus, Ohio, she has helped several businesses nationwide with their design, printing, and visual needs. Since 2006, and now celebrating almost two successful decades in business, she has earned several leadership awards and recognition in her career and is committed to helping your business succeed.

From a young age, Uma ran her family-owned restaurant. After inheriting the restaurant in 2006 and having seven years of success in the restaurant industry, she decided to let it go due to her commitment to her own company, Dott Creative Ltd., established in 2006. 

In 2022, Uma registered a Trade name (Yogi Imports & Distributors), a wholesale printing paper import and distributing company. This company has successfully imported several metric tons of printing paper from around the world in the past year and looks forward to another successful year.

Throughout her academic career, Uma has had an Associate's degree in Architecture, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a Master's degree in Science in Hospitality and Retail. She enjoys learning new things and stays updated with the latest technology, trends, and worldwide news. Uma is also a mother of two, and her ability to sustain multiple businesses demonstrates her resilience in every part of her life.

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