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Yogesh Chaudhary

Creative Director

Yogesh is an award-winning creative director and has been recognized at the national and state-level in his three-decade career in magazine publishing. He had designed templates for several new and exciting publications worldwide. Yogesh began his career in India, where he was associated with India's leading news magazine (India Today) for over eight years and produced several illustrations and infographics.

Shortly after moving to the United States in 2004, Yogesh had a chance to design a new template and several subsequent issues of a national lifestyle publication (Monarch) for Black American professionals. In 2009, he joined the Columbus Dispatch and helped launch another lifestyle publication and a food magazine. A few years later, Yogesh had an opportunity to redesign Ohio's oldest business publication, Columbus CEO, and served as the magazine's Art Director until June 2022. 


Yogesh is a master of design and a skilled photographer, videographer, and web designer. His work brings tremendous ROI to clients. His work ethic, passion, and personality contribute to the client's success. Results-driven with an attention to detail, Yogesh continually hones his skills with the newest technology.

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